Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy Easter Lamb Donut Hole Treats!

We thought this would be the cutest thing for the kids - and you - this Easter! If you folllow our last steps, even your teenage boys are going to love this Easter treat! Now, that's a rare lamb!

This is so easy! Knowing most of our customers are moms, and moms have no time, the DoodleDees and I wanted something that would be really cute, but doesn't involve cooking or baking. They are also incredibly budget friendly, and you don't have to be especially artsy. ANYONE can do this, the kids can too!

You can add these donut lambs to a bento lunch, the top of a cake, or set one on top of cupcake. You'll come up with something really clever, I'm sure!

Shopping list:
Donut holes (powdered, preferably with rasberry jelly filling!)
Pretzel sticks (2 1/2 sticks per lamb)
Marshmallows (standard sized, 1/2 a piece per lamb)

You will also need a black edible ink marker or a few chocolate chips to melt in the microwave for the eyes. If you go with the chocolate, you can dab "eyes" on with a toothpick.

If you got a dozen donut holes, this is what you'd need for that many:

30 pretzel sticks

6 marshmallows

Optional upgrade, if you've got the time and skills:
~ If you want to fancy up these lambs, melt white chocolate and dip the pretzel "legs" in. Let the chocolate cool and harden before inserting into the donut holes. 
~ Another option is to use plain donut holes instead, dunk them in melted white chocolate, and roll around in coconut shreds. The only drawback is these won't work as well for the scene towards the bottom of this post because they're not jelly-filled. (You'll see what I mean!)

Cover your eyes, lamb fans. It's about to get much worse. :) We don't know if the jelly massacre you're about to see is in good taste, but the cleanup sure tasted good! We meant for it to be fun and silly, and hope we didn't offend any vegetarians, or any black bear lovers. Whether you choose to create your own jelly massacre scene (if you use jelly filled donuts), let your kids create it, or just let your kids get a giggle when they bite into the lambs and see GUTS, we hope you have a lot of fun with these Easter treats!

If you make these cute donut hole lambs for Easter or anytime (how perfect for a farm or barn themed birthday party), please share them with us!

Happy Easter!
Megan, Doodle Director

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